Jacek & Jacek another DX-pedition, 01.03.2011 - 17.03.2011

Targeting TARAWA, KIRIBATI, OC-017, Loc: RJ61NJ

Tarawa Island

Jacek SP5EAQ and I, we have been friends for 40 years, but our dx-pedition to Fiji in 2009, was our first ever project together. As, I really do hope so, we both had great experience from that trip, we would like to make another one to Pacific islands. And, honestly, we started to think about it, right before we have completed our project on Fiji.

Jacek SP5EAQ

T30AQ - Jacek SP5EAQ licensed 1968, DXCC Honor Roll nr 1, other calls: 3D2MJ, ZL7/SP5EAQ, ZA/SP5EAQ, DJ0XI.
QSL via home call, direct (www.qrz.com) or via Bureau.

Jacek SP5DRH

T30RH - Jacek SP5DRH licensed 1968, WAZ 160, DXCC Honor Roll nr 1, other calls: 3D2KJ, JW0PK, JW7M, JT1/SP5DRH, SP5DRH/JW.

QSL via home call, direct (www.qrz.com) or via Bureau, LoTW.

We would like to ask the DX community for co-operation. How do we see this co-operation - everyone can check on the page, the link is shown below:
Guys, believe me, following rules mentioned over there is the only way to make our effort a little bit easier!

BTW - we are using these rules not only in case of TARAWA ! Let us use them ALWAYS !

To contact us, write to e-mail visibled on the left.

73! Jacek SP5DRH