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HONIARA  Domestic  air port “Henderson Field”
LATA air port
Ben Hepworth boat
My baggage
Loading boat
Such a rich vegetation
Ben Hepworth
On the way to Pigeon Island, view to Tinakula Volcano
My shack on Pigeon Island
H40KJ station
Myself at the station
My bed, very comfortable
I was isolated, path to centre of the island
17m and 160m antennas
12m antenna
17m and 160m antennas - other view
Vegetation was everywhere
My private beach
And is raining again…
Everyday visit…
With pileup on 10m …
Lizards was living with me together
Another one …
Sunrise on Pigeon Island
Another lizard – isn’t  it nice
80m antenna
80m antenna - other view
Other day sunrise..
Official gates to Pigeon Island
PENNANT rx antenna preparations
Again, 17m and 160m antennas
Preparation for trip around Reef Islands
Pigeon Island1
Pigeon Island2
Pigeon Island3
Fenualoa Island 1
Fenualoa Island 2
Fenualoa Island 3
Church on Fenualoa Island
Village on Fenualoa Island
Old village boss and his son, new boss
New boss house
Boss wife in old house
Village boss old house
Path to the school
Next village, path to the school
New school
Solar battery
Village boss and children
Kids are everywhere the same
Young Ladies
Anijka with her cousin
Lady goes fishing
North of Fenualoa, Cliffs 1
North of Fenualoa, Cliffs 2
North of Fenualoa, Cliffs 3
Another village
How they build that house
Village on Lomlom Island
New DX entity
View from my shack
Packed up, ready to go back home
Last sunrise on Pigeon Island
Lata airport again
Lata downtown 1
Lata downtown 2
Lata downtown 3
Checking at Lata airport
Our plane is coming, DASH 8…
Port in Honiara
Honiara, view from mountain top

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