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Breakfast at Heathrow Airport
License reciving for T30
Village view from channel
Our 'bwia' hut view
'Bwia' hut near our
View from lagoon (1)
'Bwia' hut during a day
View from lagoon (2)
Antenna view
Other view of our 'bwia' hut
View from lagoon (3)
Our 'bwia' hut during low tide
Antenna for 80m, details
Vertical for 80m, other view
Antenna for 80m
Antenna for 80m, another details
Fast repair (1)
Fast repair (2)
A flag, patriotic accent
First QSO!
Jacek 'is cooking'
And again Jacek 'is cooking'! (T30AQ)
Jacek 'was cooking' all the time
Coffie time!!!
TOP BAND - T30RH in action (1)
Return after my 160m vertical after repairing
The night (1)
The night (2)
TOP BAND - T30RH in action (2)
Had to sleep during a day after, 160m operation (T30RH)
Sunrise on TARAWA
Another sunrise on  Tarawa
Sunset on TARAWA
Another sunset on TARAWA
Tropical storm on Tarawa
End of the world
Abatao, return from end of the world
II WW relicts (1)
II WW relicts (2)
'Coast watchers' memorial
Marines memorial
KIRIBATI citiziens memorial
Seamen memorial
Ohhh, we need that one!
Second T30RH QTH
T30AQ & T30RH
T30RH setup
T30RH is trying to manage huge RTTY pileup
Visitor in the schack, Dudley VK6KBZ
TEN is open!!!
Other 'bwia' hut in our village
Our friend - crab
Snails, just a few of them
Tarawa's flora - what is this (1)
Tarawa's flora - what is this (2)
What's a beatifull world
Going back home - we are sad
It was so good there!
Is it Banaba
Three hours of relax - on the way to Fiji
Little island in YASAWA Island group – Fiji
Nadi - Fiji

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